Women’s empowerment can be defined to promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. It is closely aligned with female empowerment – a fundamental human right that’s also key to achieving a more peaceful, prosperous world. Women empowerment has emerged as part of a major global movement and is continuing to find a new ground. Days line international women day are also gaining moment. Despite a great deal of progress women and girls continue to face discrimination and violence in every part of the world.

Why empower women?

Empowering women is essential to the health and societal development of families, communities and country. When women are living safe, fulfilled and productive, lives, they can reach their full potential, contributing their skills to the workforce and can raise happier and healthier children. They are also able to fuel to sustainable economies and benefit societies and human at large.

Real stories of women empowerment

Key part of empowering women is through education. Girls who are educated can pursue meaningful work and contribute to their country economy later in life. They are also four times less likely to get married young when they have 8 years of education meaning that they and their families are healthier( world vision 2020)

Empowering women is the key to economic growth, political stability and social transformation.

How can you empower women?

Standing with and investing in women is an important start. From workplaces and schools to home and communities.

Gender equality underplays all of bethel clouds television and CFC ministries work. There are many activities you can get involved in support of empowering women.

Educate yourself by finding about issues that affect women.

Buying women empowerment gifts. Mfalme Wa Amani offers variety of gifts including furniture and clothes that help in investing and building women and girls.

How Mfalme Wa Amani Foundation is helping empower women.

We believe that healthy, educated girls and empowered women are agents of change.

When women and girls are supported, they gain opportunities to speak up, for their rights and also advocate for their communities. They are also able to rise in societal standings and they can feed into future generations.

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