Mfalme Wa Amani Food Drive is a monthly initiative where we donate basic items to the elderly people in the society
According to the National Information Platform for Food Security and Nutrition (NIPFN) research on the food situation during the Covid 19 pandemic, it came to our realization that, in the first wave of the pandemic, basic foodstuffs such as maize flour, rice and vegetables increased in prices thus making it hard for a common citizen to afford the basic food.
The research also stated that in Nairobi 68.6% households had stored for themselves little food 47.4% household’s skipped meals, 55.3% households ate less amount of food than required, 42.4% households ran out of food and 22.9% stayed the whole day without food. The 22.9% of households that stayed hungry and with no hope of getting food from anywhere led us into starting this initiative that will help in mitigating hunger in the world..
Up to now, we’ve been able to execute a number of food drives in Nairobi Kenya that were successful. The success of the first food drive was determined by the number of households we feed and the testimonies that we received from the households.

Below is the data collected showing the number of households that were fed in the initiative.

Target group

Bethel clouds aims at targeting a large number of people from street families, orphans and the elderly. A majority of these people do not have a source of income and largely depend on their caretakers to feed, majority of which had lost income mainly due to the Covid 19 pandemic. On the last drives we’ve mainly focused on elderly as they were the most vulnerable to hunger. We were able to donate basic items such as maize flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar, cereals and milk. However we hope that very soon we would be able to reach a larger number of people facing hunger including street families and orphans. We also want to share their stories to the world which aims at helping out with improving their living conditions in their residences, health conditions and make their lives better.

Partner With Us.

As a food bank, none of our efforts could have been made possible without the help of donors. Volunteers, well-wishers, and the community. However, our mission to to feed the elderly is a daily undertaking. We are kindly asking for your help with donations of foodstuffs, clothes, blankets, and financial assistance. In return, we will recognize your support in our promotional brochures and flyers, live event coverage as well as advertising on our platforms.

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