Welcome to Crusaders for Christ ministries

I want Kenya to believe that the youth of this country can engage into meaningful activities even after being accused for all the wrong doings. I want to embarked into this mission which seeks to change behavior of more than 6 million youths engaging in crude activities which on the other hand harm the society they live in. Its time to engage the youth into productive activities given their number which can contribute immensely to the realization of the countries economy growth blue print. We the youth of this country we are trying to make up for the mistakes that we might have done and we pray to God for forgiveness for the mistakes that we cannot make for. I call upon the youth who still align themselves with the outlawed sects that it is no longer of any importance and will only lead them to more problems. Though my new program Okoa Vijana Compaign, I plan to tour the country in a move aimed at transforming ways ward lives of all the youths, who have been deeply in criminal activities and consumers of illicit brews. There are soo many youths dropping from schools and joining the illegal gangs, my intention is to take the youths involved in such activities through a reform path to change their attitude towards life. Its time I show the youth that they can live a good life by working hard to earn a living without depending on unlawful activities. My program is targeting more than 6,000 youths by the mid of the year. There is also a big need for the government to come up with more projects for the youth. For instance many youths, especially in rural areas are forced to engage in illegal activities whereas they could be having great business ideas but have no money to implement those ideas. The program will help many youths who have completed studies but have not been able to get jobs, it will be an eye opener for them to realize their capability and not to always rely on white collar jobs. I am optimistic of winning the fight against illicit brew in Central Kenya; it’s unfortunate other parts of the country are moving forward in term of development, Central Kenya lags behind as youths have been rendered unproductive by the illicit brews I regret that youths in Central Kenya have continually engaged in such brews while the Government watched from far and only steps in when the matter has gotten out of hand. Powerful people in the country are forces behind dumping of poisonous chemicals camouflaging as brews in the province whose repercussions are currently being left. If we do not take the initiative of controlling this situation, this province will not have any leader for tomorrow and the whole community will be a thing of the past. Im not telling people not drink or not to sell beer but to drink what is of good quality. The situation in Central Kenya need more efforts between political leaders, church leaders and the whole community to help saving the youth who spend most of their time imbibing illicit brews. Im a bit concerned about the new laws being introduced to curb the brews might not save the situation, it has even elicited more problems than solutions in the society. I think the act has glamorizes consumption of alcohol drinks, instead it should have corporated sensetaization on effects and the damages of alcohol. My goal is to raise funds to put up a rehabilitation center at my 50 acres piece of land which is in Kajiando County where youths with alcohol problems will get help. The center will also serve as a training center where youths from different other part of the country will get a chance to nuture their talents and their capabilities. we need help from churches,the corporate sector, non governmental organizations and the Government to support the initiative for the country to achieve the much anticipated growth through youth empowerment. Though Okoa Vijana Campaign,we seek to educate the youths on dangers of engaging in criminal activities,drugs and illicit brews. The project has already been rolled out in Embu,Kirinyaga and Kayole in Nairobi