Welcome to Crusaders for Christ ministries


We're so happy you decided to visit our website. We're a young and exciting Crusaders for Christ Church located near the city stadium rounder about,Nairobi Kenya. Our beginning was awesome and as the journey continues we're evermore amazed as we watch God supernaturally provide for our every need. We've seen so many doors open and so many lives change and as we move toward our third year anniversary we


Our mission at our church is to provide Christ-centered professional counseling and consultation services that work for transformation at the center of individuals, families and organizations, creating a ripple effect of change in thinking, believing, and acting. Statement of Philosophy Believing that the uncertain times of life are moments of opportunity when we have a unique chance to see ourselves more clearly, and to grow more fully into the image of God . . . Believing that there is a Light that shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it . . . . the pastoral counselor, trained well in the social sciences and theology, journeys with individuals, couples, families, or organizations in the critical moments of life to listen, to understand, to be present, and to join in the positive work toward wholeness. Youth Empowerment Association programme activities include;

Integration of HIV/AIDS: The programe aims at developing and supporting suitable, sustainable and practical models of intergrated HIV/AIDS service like youth – friendly voluntary counseling and testing services (VCTs). Small Business Development: The programme aims to promote the development of small businesses through training in business, start-up and management of small business by youth and other entrepreneurs in order to reduce poverty. Capacity Building Initiative: The other goal of the programme is capacity building of the group to implement quality community. Programmes. The strategy involves training the officials in leadership skills, handling of meetings, proposal writing, and project identification, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The training aims at strengthening the internal governance of and management skills of the group. Tournaments (all sports programme): The programme aims at bringing the youth together in a shared endeavor through sports. The sporting activities are aimed at mobilizing the youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS and Drug and Substance Abuse; using sports as a mobilizing activity. The sporting activities herein highlighting are: football, athletics, volleyball, “crazy Olympics” , boxing, tug of war, beaty contest and body building, swimming among others. Integrated solid waste management: The pilot waste management activities will involve the real issues of waste management and environmental maintenances and upgrading issues. At every stage the youth shall be used as agents in environment upgrading and sustainability management. This will be a continuous activity beginning three months of the project period. Local residents will be required topay Kshs 30 per waste collected per month. Drug and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation: This programme aims at availing relevant information on Drug and sustainable Abuse to the youth as a way of mitigating the HIV/AIDS prevalence with regard to new infections resulting from drug abuse and related activities. This programme will also aim at rehabilitating those already addicted to drugs. The group has already put in place logistics to start fully integrated youth – friendly centers with information, education and communication services like e-mail, fax international and local telephone, and photocopying, typesetting, printing and binding services.

To this length the group’s entire income comes from members’ contributions. Plans, however, are in place to partner and collaborate with other organizations for both financial and technical support.